About Pat Alexander



  • Diploma Social Worker CQSW  -  University of North London UK
  • Diploma in Management  -  University of Portsmouth UK
  • MBA  -  University of Brighton UK
  • Certificate in CBT  -  Eastern Institute technology NZ
  • Certificate in Supervision  -  Eastern Institute technology NZ

Meet Pat

I came to New Zealand 8 years ago, from the UK, and have been in social work most of my professional life. Since that time, I have consolidated my passion for mindfulness, previously having an interest but finding  the demands of life got in the way.

This personal journey came about from different life events, but significantly from the disconnection I felt at the time when I was dealing with the impact of a big change in my life.

This challenging time brought out a lot of self-doubt and emotional vulnerability into my life.  However, I have found that mindfulness practice has enabled me to engage and rejoice in the complete person that I am and connect with the very being of me.

This journey has been in both my personal and professional life. It has been enabled through attending training, retreats, teachings and development of my own practice which has been my personal commitment to my journey, which at times has bought feelings of fear and trepidation. This experience has enabled me to connect with like-minded people and receive guidance through my teachers to whom I am very thankful and from whom I receive mindfulness supervision.

As a clinician in mental health I can see the great potential mindfulness offers, and use it in my work, and observe the benefits it provides for people. Developing awareness and gaining a better understanding of what limits their lives, but also how to live to their full potential and freedom of choice.

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