Mindfulness The Next Step

4 week well-being course connecting with joy in our lives

Greenmeadows Community Centre - Napier
June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th ( to be confirmed)
Time: 6:15- 7:30pm
Cost: $120

This course  is designed for people that have completed a mindfulness programme or have developed a regular mindfulness practice. Or just want to get back to restoring a meditation practice that grounds  and enhances our well being.

It is intended to build on, and expand awareness from emerging themes of practice that include:

  • What do we notice, what catches us out in our meditation- how can we deepen this enquiry?
  • What patterns do we notice arise- self judgement – reactivity and what is our relationship to these
  • Self-compassion opening the heart beyond self-acceptance, connecting to ourselves
  • Self-care how easy is this to master, connecting to the joy in our lives
  • Equanimity how can we bring this balance into our lives

The course will include teaching, discussion, meditation practice and reflection and handouts.

Group size will be limited to 12.