Pat’s understanding of mindfulness is the result of many years commitment to developing her own practice, and applying it in her work with others. I recommend her for anyone wishing to get started, or deepen their existing practice, by benefitting from her qualities of clarity, authenticity, and kindness.

Stephen Archer - Mindfulness Training

Thank you very much for your time and expertise with starting me on the Mindfulness meditation ways. I have reaped astonishing benefits with calmness, being gentle with myself and gratefulness for what I have. I can not see me ever abandoning daily meditation.

- Jim McCormick Napier

Pat is a valuable member of the ACC Integrated Services (ISSC). She provides support for clients whose social or environmental conditions affects their ability to progress in therapy or counselling. Pat has helped clients to set healthy boundaries, gradual exposure to fearful situations and managing dealing with practical issues about their perpetrators being released from prison. Her skill range is vast and she is always open to helping the team and clients. Her passion for mindfulness makes her an indispensable member of the ISSC team.

- Bhavna Nagar - Alive Psychology

Time for myself, a sense that “yes I am a normal person”, I am 10 out of 10!!

Self approval with loving kindness I’m perfect.

Calming and inner peace.

Pat, honest and open, treated us all equally.

Pat is an amazingly beautiful soul who I am sure all the class resonated with.

Non judgemental and respectful.

Calming and peaceful. Nothing phased her.

Loved the way she trained us.

Great trainer.Informal nature.

Felt like learning with a friend.

- Feedback from Attendees

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